LINDSAY LOHAN got a shocking visit from Oscar winner BEN AFFLECK while in rehab.

RadarOnline  reported that Big Ben Affleck paid a visit to the "on the path to normalcy" Lindsay Lohan  reportedly to chat about movies and sobriety.

Affleck made a surprise appearance at the Malibu treatment center, Cliffside, just a few days Lilo’s 27th birthday to talk chat about a possible role in new film "Live by Night,".

“Lindsay was excited about the opportunity, telling me that she was going to have dark hair in the movie and would have an Irish accent," a former patient said.

According to the source, Affleck showed up with an assistant at the center late at night and stayed for about an hour.

"A former substance abuser himself, Ben said he was there to check on Linday and see how she was doing," the insider divulged.

Meanhilw, Lilo's back in NYC apartment hunting with mom Dina, sis Ali and camera crew in tow.