Lone surviving Bee Gee BARRY GIBB is writing a song inspired by the sensational trial of convicted killer Jodi Arias!

Arias, 33, faces possible execution in Arizona after being found guilty of the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June 2008.

“What I am writing at the moment is a track about the Jodi Arias trial in America,” said Gibb – the only surviving member of the famous singing brothers, the Bee Gees.

“The girl has been found guilty and is facing the death penalty. There will be at least one track about that – it has really struck me.”

In her trial, the vixen claimed self-defense – even though she stabbed Alexander 27 times, shot him in the head and slashed his throat.

The 66-year-old Grammy winner says he decided to write more music after contemplating the untimely loss of his brothers.

Robin Gibb died of colon cancer last year at 62, while Robin’s twin Maurice died at age 53 after emergency surgery in 2003. Both were in the Bee Gees.

Youngest sibling Andy died in 1988 at age 30 after a losing battle with drugs and depression.

“I’m writing about the events in my life,” added Barry. “Robin and Maurice are always with me anyway…they will be part of it.”