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Batmania! The Dark Knight zapped records with the biggest weekend opening ever – grossing an estimated $1.55 million.

The latest entry in the Batman franchise toppled Spiderman III ($151.1 mil) opening last year.  By week’s end Warners’ guesstimates The Bat-flick could gross $220 mill.  Of course, it’s playing in a record 4,366 theaters and part of its popularity stems from Heath Ledger‘s Goth lizard king Joker and the fact it’s playing around the clock.

Abba femme fest tuner Mamma Mia also racked up a $27.6 mill in its bold counter programming debut.  The two combined to set a new BO record of $250 million.

Hancock, Journey to the Center to the Earth and Hellboy II rounded out the top 5.

New ‘toon debut Space Chimps didn’t have "the right stuff" opening with a mere $7.4. 

Not that how much $ a film grosses is indicative of its quality.