Sitcom queen Kirste Alley makes like human zeppelin, docks at fat farm for quick fix.

Alarmed as her weight skyrocketed toward 300 pounds, a desperate Kirstie checked into a fat farm and began grueling six-days-a-week workout sessions.

The distraught actress collapsed and broke down in tears when her weight soared to a record 250 pounds, as The ENQUIRER reported in late June. But she was unable to put the brakes on her out-of-control bingeing.

Racing to avert disaster, Kirstie started a new diet and exercise routine, but ended up adding another 15 pounds – and hit the 265-pound mark in mid-September.

She knew she had to get professional help…fast.

"Her breakdown was a blessing in disguise – it was the wake-up call she needed," revealed a source close to the 5-foot-8 actress.

"She realized she had to take drastic measures or she could die."

The sitcom queen checked into the Cal-a-Vie health spa near San Diego and began super-intense workout sessions while sticking to a 1,400-calories-a-day diet.

"Kirstie wants to kick-start a new, healthier lifestyle and put an end to years of binge eating, yo-yo dieting and lies about her weight," said the close source.

The star is also very much aware of a boast she made to Oprah Winfrey in April that she’d drop 80 pounds by November and re-appear on her show in a bikini looking "ripped."

For that to happen, Kirstie would have to lose 10 pounds a week for the next eight weeks!

She lost 75 pounds nearly three years ago as the poster girl for the Jenny Craig weight-loss program, but then gained back 105 – gorging on Chinese takeout, fried chicken, pies and other fat-laden treats.

Now the 58-year-old actress has done a complete reversal – and is posting Twitter updates about her new attempt to lose weight.

Although she praised the spa’s dinner – "excellent…haddock and veg…and cinnamon tea" – she made it clear that sticking to the plan won’t be easy.

On Sept. 18, a clearly hungry Kirstie complained of a rabbit-like meal: "GOING TO A DINNER OF sprigs of parsley and thimbles of wheat grass…WUT??? do they think we are Thumper?"

The next day she mused: "Sweet dreams of hot buttered popcorn, fresh baked bread and sweet tea…"

"Kirstie is trying to put on a strong front and act motivated, but her friends are still skeptical that she can get her weight under control," revealed the close source.

"She’s determined to impress Oprah and save face by making an appearance in the near future after she’s lost at least a few pounds."

Kirstie claims to be losing weight rapidly but an eyewitness who saw her at a party described Kirstie as still "looking huge."