Kiefer Sutherland — star of the hit TV show “24” — believed he was despised 24/7 after his love affair with Julia Roberts shattered just days before their scheduled wedding.

“I thought everyone must hate me,” confesses the handsome actor, opening up about some of the darkest days of his life.

Convinced he was reviled, Kiefer, 36, admits, “I was scared to go out.”

Although it’s been nearly 12 years since those marriage plans suddenly collapsed, the painful memory will never leave him.

Julia had purchased her wedding gown, presents from high-powered friends had poured in and everything was set to go.

Then Julia canceled the nuptials — without explanation.

Apparently the groom goofed. Kiefer — who’d met Julia when they filmed “Flatliners” together — had reportedly been spotted with another gal while the “Pretty Woman” star was picking out her wedding flowers. Ouch!

But instead of being showered with hostility, Kiefer was surprised at the concern even strangers showed.

“I found out that people were just glad it wasn’t happening to them,” he told an interviewer. “It was all a hard, valuable lesson.”