KENNEDY mom reportedly wanted to give TAYLOR SWIFT the old heave-ho after she refused to leave a family wedding she wasn't invited to.

While she’s been a media fave at the Kennedy family compound in Cape Cod canoodling with Conor Kennedy, apparently Taylor Swift wasn’t as welcome at a Kennedy Klan wedding.

The Boston Herald reported that the mother of the bride, Kyle Kennedy, Victoria Gifford Kennedy claimed that Swift, 22, was twice asked to leave the ceremony at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in  Boston hotel, but did not.

Victoria told the Beantown tab that Swift and her new BF Conor  texted an hour before the wedding asking to come.

Victoria responded with a polite but firm “No,”’ she said.

‘They came anyway…I personally went up to Ms Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event…and asked her as nicely as I could to leave,” Victoria Kennedy told the Herald.

Taylor didn’t.

Swift’s rep, however, as reps are wont to do, then told the Herald a contrary version that Swift was not only invited, but was welcomed by the bride, Kyle Kennedy.

If you’re keeping a scorecard at home — Kyle Kennedy is the daughter of Michael LeMoyne Kennedy and the granddaughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, SR.

Oh, those darn Kennedys!