The rain in Spain may fall mainly on Keira Knightley who is in talks to play Eliza Doolittle in a new re-do of My Fair Lady.

The film is being produced by Duncan Kenworthy (Love Actually) and London theatrical maven Cameron Mackintosh  (Cats, Phantom of the Opera) for Columbia.

While it’s being called an update this new Lady will retain its 1912 setting and Lerner and Lowe score.

Except instead of being studio bound, the producers’ intend to shoot on location as much as possible.  The original source for the musical book Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw will also be utilized.

Mackintosh said the story of Doolittle’s transformation "couldn’t be more timely in a contemporary world obsessed with overnight celebrity."

Whether or not ex-pirate queen Keira does her own singing or is dubbed as Audrey Hepburn was by Marni Nixon in the 1964 classic remains to be seen…or heard.