Keanu’s shocking tell-all interview!

Reeves, the retooled alien Klaatu in new The Day the Earth Stood Still redo told the LA Times he’s NOT a sci-fi guy.

Before you can say Whoaaa…one look at his resume tells otherwise: time traveler (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), alternate universe super-man Neo (The Matrix Trilogy), cyberpunk (Johnny Mnemonic), dead detective (Constantine)  as well as Lucifer’s legal boy toy (The Devil’s Advocate).
Keanu attributes his alien-ess to inner diversity — half English, half Chinese-Hawaiian; born in Beirut and raised in Australia and Canada — but still keeping his very private life secret!

"I guess I’m drawn to these films because… I like playing these characters with a weird existential conundrum," Reeves admitted.  "I’m not a big remake guy so the question was, ‘Why?’" to a TDESS redo.

"In the original he’s more human than human," Reeves said. "We kind of inverted it.

"My Klaatu is more sinister and tough, ready to execute a judgment, but eventually breaks down and becomes more human and starts to understand what a human can do."

Or can’t . . .Keanu.