Katie Couric admitted she’s not sure if moving from NBC’s Today to the CBS Evening News was the right decision.

“Of course,” she said in an interview with New York magazine. “I’m human. I’m not going around `dee-da dee-da dee.’ I have days when I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what did I do?’ But for some weird reason, they don’t happen that often.”

Since Katie moved to the Evening News ratings have dropped and CBS is reverting back to the show’s old format, rejecting the changes Katie made earlier this year. Under new Executive Producer Rick Kaplan, the CBS Evening News is a more traditional hard-news evening newscast in the mold of its predecessors and competitors.

In response to the show’s move toward it’s traditional format, Katie tells the weekly magazine had she known how everything would turn out her move “would have been less appealing to me. It would have required a lot more thought.”

“I’ve gone through a bit of a feeding frenzy and there’s blood in the water and I’ve got some vulnerabilities,” she said. “This person who’s been successful isn’t so great, and finally she’s been put in her place — that kind of mentality. I think it’s fairly primal.”

But Katie isn’t worried if things don’t work out. “If it turns out it wasn’t a perfect fit (at the Evening News), then, you know, I’ll do something else that’s really exciting and fulfilling for me,” she said.