DON’T EXPECT to see Kathie Lee Gifford back at her old job when new “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa goes on maternity leave later this year–the old host says she’s no longer welcome!

During a recent Internet chat she said, “Gelman would love that!” referring to “Live” producer Michael Gelman, with whom Kathie Lee clashed repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Kathie Lee is working frantically to become a post-“Live” success–so much so that friends fear she’s going to burn out.

Here’s a list of the many projects she’s completed or has in the planning stages, including:

  • The television movie “Spinning Out of Control” on the E! channel
  • An album of lullabies for kids
  • Videos for Carnival Cruise Lines
  • A new line of baby clothes
  • A home-furnishing line
  • A home-decorating book which may include pictures of her five homes
  • An appearance on “Drew Carey” for the May sweeps
  • More appearances on QVC
  • A pop album called “Heart of a Woman”

A friend told The ENQUIRER: “Kathie Lee is latching on to any branch she can to hang on to the fame ‘Live’ brought her. But in the process, she’s spreading herself wafer thin.”

After announcing she was going to become a recording star, her first pop CD “Heart of a Woman,” sold a rinky-dink 20,000 copies. “She was bitterly disappointed,” added the friend. “But you’ll never hear her admit it.”

Instead she’s hurling herself into anything she thinks might brighten her star.