Kate and Wills Hire Spanish “Supernanny”

Kate and Wills Hire Spanish “Supernanny” thumbnail

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have hired dazzling Madrid high society gal Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo to care for the infant Prince George.

But the 30-something Borallo, is no run-of-the-mill au pair.

Dubbed “Supernanny” by the British press, Borallo is said to be a graduate of the elite Norland College in Bath – where sources say she was trained in everything from defensive driving and avoiding the paparazzi to taekwondo self-defense and the “pram dodge technique” of foiling a potential kidnapping!

Borrallo replaces the Duke’s own Nanny, Jessie Webb, 71, who had been helping out with the care of Prince George since his birth last July.

She is reportedly now living in Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace with the family, and will accompany them on an upcoming three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Though news of George’s new nanny broke earlier this month, her employment and identity wasn’t confirmed until late last week, when a palace spokesman released a statement to the BBC.

"As an employee of the Royal Household we would ask, please, that Maria's privacy, and that of her family and friends, be respected," The spokesman said.

"We will not be giving further details on Maria or her employment, except to say that the Duke and Duchess are of course delighted she has chosen to join them."