Hollywood’s newest blonde bombshell — Julia Roberts — officially introduced her married boyfriend Danny Moder in a whirlwind tour promoting her movie “Ocean’s Eleven.”

And back at home, the lovebirds are living together and shopping for a love nest in Los Angeles that they can call their own.

“Julia’s taken their romance out of the shadows and is gushing to everyone that she’s finally found a guy who’ll go the distance,” a friend told The ENQUIRER.

“Julia’s started a whole new chapter in her life with a new love who has swept her off her feet.

“After the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Hollywood premiere, she and Danny joined George Clooney and his ‘rat pack’ to promote the film worldwide, starting with a special appearance for the GIs in Turkey. And Danny was constantly at her side.”

Julia then flew Danny to Ireland on a private jet to introduce him to an old friend. The couple then returned to Los Angeles to resume their search for a home.

“Julia and Danny moved some of their stuff into a friend’s home and have been living together,” said the friend.

“But they’re trying to find a place where they can move in and feel comfortable. They want an out-of-the-way pad where they can really develop their relationship.

“They’re in love. Julia’s figured out that Danny is the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

“But Danny needs some time to sort a few things out from his marriage.

“He doesn’t want to jump right into another marriage, and Julia has agreed they should live together for a year or so.

“There’s no doubt this romance is very real for both of them.

“And all their friends have a feeling that they’re going to end up walking down the aisle before too long.”

The ENQUIRER broke the story in August about Julia’s romance with the married man and since then they’ve been virtually inseparable.

Danny recently filed for divorce and listed his date of separation as September 7.

“Julia and Danny temporarily set up housekeeping at a gorgeous $7.5 million seaside home in the exclusive Malibu Colony,” a source close to the couple said. “The place was loaned to Julia by her good friend, Revolution Studios head Joe Roth, who produced her film ‘America’s Sweethearts.'”

While staying in Malibu the cuddly couple shared romantic dinners at such celeb-heavy restaurants as Wolfgang Puck’s Granita, said an insider.

And one Saturday evening, Danny quietly went looking for a birthday present for his beloved.

“He went shopping on Cross Creek Road in Malibu and spent about a half-hour in Laura M Jewelry before walking out with a ring for Julia,” the insider revealed. “Then he went to a small boutique and bought her some clothing.”

On October 20, about a week before Julia’s birthday, about 70 friends helped her celebrate in advance, said the insider.

“She and her friends from the movie did press interviews at the Malibu home of ‘Ocean’s’ producer Jerry Weintraub. Then after the interviews, the house was set up for her party.

“Guests included ‘Ocean’s’ co-stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia, as well as Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins.”

Soon after the bash, Julia whisked Danny back to her ranch in Taos, N.M., for a more intimate celebration. “They wanted to have their own party in private on October 28 to celebrate her 34th birthday,” said the close source.

“It was just the two of them and a handful of Julia’s closest friends.

“After that, the lovebirds returned to Los Angeles and Danny went to the Woodland Hills home he’d shared with his wife Vera and picked up some of his belongings.

“By that time, Julia and Danny were no longer staying at Joe Roth’s home — they’d moved into her favorite suite at the posh L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills.”

And now that Julia’s back from her promotional trip for “Ocean’s,” friends expect the couple to move into a home of their own as soon as they can find one.