Judge Rules Casey Anthony Can Keep Lips Zipped

Judge Rules Casey Anthony Can Keep Lips Zipped thumbnail

After defiantly refusing to answer questions about her dead daughter CASEY ANTHONY now has judge’s blessing to stay mum if queried about dead daughter Caylee.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported after refusing to answer any questions about her daughter Caylee ‘s disappearance during her deposition last month, the exonerated Anthony caught a rare break.  The judge ruled in the Florida courtroom that the ‘Tot Mom’ would NOT have to answer any questions about Caylee’s whereabouts.

However, the judge made it clear that Anthony, 27, will not get to pick and choose which questions she will or won’t answer.

It was only ruled that Zenaida Gonzalez who is suing Anthony for defamation after she claimed a nanny by the same name had kidnapped her daughter in 2008 — could not have her legal team ask Anthony anything about Caylee’s whereabouts.

It’s a bizarre ruling from the judge, after many were hoping Gonzalez’s case against Anthony and her subsequent deposition would force her to answer many unanswered questions about Caylee and her death.

It was requested in a motion that attorneys be allowed to ask Anthony specific questions about why she told police Gonzalez (the nanny) had her daughter when she knew that wasn’t true — but the judge denied the motion on Tuesday because there was a possibility her answer would incriminate herself on criminal matters, for which she had previously been acquitted.

Attorneys for Gonzalez will be allowed to question Anthony during the deposition as long as it relates directly the defamation lawsuit.