JON GOSSELIN thinks the best revenge against his ex- KATE is …WHAT?!

 JON GOSSELIN wants to waltz his way back onto TV – and show up his ex-wife Kate in the process!

The former TLC reality star – whose life has been on a steady decline since “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was canceled in 2009 – is campaigning to hoof it up on “Dancing with the Stars”!

And he’s boasting that he could do better than Kate, who was the fourth celeb to be booted off the 10th season of “DWTS.”

“I feel like I could probably  get further than her,” Jon recently said.

The dad of eight has apparently hit bottom after years of scandal and hard-partying, admitting that he’s currently living “in the woods” without an actual address.

An insider told The ENQUIRER: “Jon has really been down on his luck since leaving the reality show, and he thinks ‘Dancing with the Stars’ would be a great way to generate some income while also giving the public a chance to actually get to know him.

“He also thinks he can kick Kate’s butt.”

In April 2012, The ENQUIRER reported that the 36-year-old was so down and out that his mother moved halfway across Pennsylvania to share a townhome with him.

And a few months before that, we revealed that his beloved BMW had been repossessed, leaving him to borrow his mother’s beat-up minivan.

“Jon is tired of looking like a deadbeat dad,” added the source. “A stint on ‘Dancing’ would be an opportunity for him to reinvent himself.”