An ungrateful Johnny Depp — who’s made a fortune thanks to Hollywood — has moved to France and turned his back on America.

What’s more, Depp is sinking to new depths by publicly blasting the country that’s made possible his fabulous success.

Taking aim at the United States, the outspoken star of the violent new movie “Blow” declared: “It’s madness there.

“When the horrors that happen in America, like little kids going to school with .22-caliber rifles and shooting their friends and teachers, killing people, isn’t a rare occurrence anymore but happening all the time, anywhere is better than the U.S.”

The pouting performer adores Europe because it gives him more personal freedom.

“I just want to have an opportunity to do my work the best I can and be with my family, drink wine and smoke cigarettes.”

The wealthy ingrate, who’s learning to speak French, is living with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their daughter Lily Rose.

Pouring out his heart to an interviewer, the loudmouth lambasted the United States for its “random violence, rampant ignorance, gluttony, greed, ambition and TV shows where people have an opportunity to become millionaires in 15 minutes.”

Of course, Europe has similar shows, but the agitated actor thinks Americans are the greediest of all!

“They don’t say the French dream, the German dream, they say the American dream. The American dream is to suck up as much as you can and keep it all to yourself.”

The 37-year-old star’s new movie — which required him to return to the States for filming — tells the story of George Jung, who worked for a Colombian drug cartel and is now imprisoned for bringing cocaine into the U.S.

The key question: When it’s time to make big bucks on a hot new project, will Johnny come marching home again?