Published on: June 30, 2009

UPDATE 7/1/09 10 PM EDT: John  Edwards ex-aide Andrew Young appeared before Federal Grand Jury Investigation convening at the Terry Sanford Federal Building in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

At 830 AM he entered the building where the secret investigation was convening accompanied by his lawyer David Geneson

Young, a longtime Edwards loyalist spent the day meeting with Feds investigating how his former chief spent campaign funds earmarked for his failed 2nd Presidential campaign.  Young has yet to speak publicly since claiming to be the father of Edwards' love child in 2007 and has repeatedly ignored  queries from The ENQUIRER for comment.

 As The ENQUIRER reported last week former John Edwards  aide, turncoat Andrew Young's has been shopping a tell-all book shocker about Edwards' affair and cover-up.  Now  that the renegade ex-staffer has a publisher insiders reveal that not only does Young say Edwards is indeed the father of his mistress' baby but there's a sex tape!

According to St. Martin's Press which inked the deal for self-confessed co-conspirator's book, Young denies he is the father of Hunter's baby daughter, Frances Quinn, 1 but that Edwards is!  Edwards has repeatedly denied paternity despite offering to take a DNA test during his ABC "confession" last year after ENQUIRER reporters caught him with his hand in the cookie jar - visiting his lover - at the Beverly Hills Hilton July 2008.

Publishing insiders say that Young writes in the book that his belief in the Edwards candidacy was so strong that he agreed to take the fall, inviting the then-pregnant Hunter to live with him and his family.  After Hunter gave birth, Young moved his family and Hunter to Santa Barbara, California.

While unpacking he discovered a videocassette, according to the book pitch.  While Hunter had been hired to shoot videos for the Edwards Presidential campaign website, this was one video he hadn't expected to ever see.

It was a purported sex tape, revealing Edwards was even more reckless than previously thought.

The ENQUIRER revealed last week after receiving no response from either Andrew Young nor his literary agent after repeated calls regarding the book pitch, that Young is out to save his own neck.

The ENQUIRER in a series of blockbuster investigative reports reported previously that Young's part in the cover-up was allegedly bankrolled by late Texas money man, Fred Baron.  Baron, who died last October, had been instrumental in making hush money payments to Hunter during the Edwards cover-up.

With disgraced politico and two-time Presidential loser John Edwards now under investigation by a Federal Grand Jury for possible misuse of campaign funds funneled to his mistress, it is believed that after Edwards left him hanging in the wake of Baron's death, Young is revealing ALL in the explosive tell-all in an attempt to keep put of jail - a la John Dean, President Nixon's former aide who 'fessed up to Watergate investigators.

A conspiracy to misuse federal campaign funds for personal use is a felony criminal offense and with Young telling what he knows now he won't be liable for perjury if called to testify in the Federal Grand Jury investigation.