Disgraced politico JOHN EDWARDS barred from BUNNY MELLON’s funeral after she became embroiled in his love child scandal.

Mellon’s family had barred not only the former North Carolina Senator, now returned to practicing law, but his daughter Cate as well.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported during its exhaustive investigation Edwards had wooed   uber-wealthy Rachel Lambert Mellon,  known to all the high hatters  as Bunny, into donating $700,000 for his failed 2008 presidential run.

Federal prosecutors charged he used part of the funds to buy not only a conspiracy of silence but support  Rielle Hunter, who was then pregnant with his love child Frances Quinn.

The Mellon family was aghast two years ago when the very private Bunny, a lifelong friend of Jacqueline Kennedy, was forced at the age of 101 to give a video deposition at Edwards’ trial. She did not take the stand as she was too frail.

As The ENQUIRER reported a federal jury acquitted Edwards of one charge, and the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining five charges.  Now, in the age of legal SuperPacs thanks to the landmark Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling, the Justice Department dropped the case against the wily politician.

Edwards and his daughter Cate Edwards, who is now also his law partner, showed up  at Mellon’s funeral at the Trinity Episcopal Church in  Virginia, but they were barred from entering the grim service, a Mellon family source told NY Social Diary.

While the service was open to the public Edwards was apparently not allowed to enter.

Edwards and his daughter watched the special memorial on a large screen TV with an overflowing crowd at the parish house next door.

After a eulogy by actor Frank Langella and a soul stirring perf by Bette Middler, Edwards then followed the funeral procession to the gravesite.

“He was working the crowd… after the service,” the NY Social Diary reported.

The NY Post reported that a spokesperson for Edwards had no comment regarding the incident.