Joan of Arcadia” star Joe Mantegna is in hot holy water on the set of the popular CBS show about a girl who talks to God — because he curses and tells offcolor jokes, a source told The ENQUIRER.

Mantegna, who plays the town’s police chief, is well liked on the set, but he has offended some of the more spiritual cast members with his language.


“Sometimes he tells jokes that are inappropriate, especially after shooting a very emotional and spiritual scene,” a set insider explained.

“God has just told Joan what to do and Joe will yell out to someone on the set, ‘Hey man, how the (bleep) are you? I haven’t seen your ass around here in a while.’


“It’s difficult to hear right after Amber Tamblyn, who plays Joan, has been given a profound explanation about how we are supposed to live our lives.

“Joe likes to lighten the mood, but he goes too far.”

The source said that Tamblyn, who just turned 21, hasn’t complained publicly, but she seems uncomfortable around Mantegna when he curses and cracks jokes.

“There are young girls around and most of them aren’t used to that type of language,” said the insider.

After several staffers complained, producers quietly asked Mantegna to tone it down, said the source. “Joe took it in stride, but still doesn’t understand what the big deal is,” said the insider.


“He’s like, ‘Gimme a break. It’s a wonderful show and I love working here, but what’s up with holding church all day?’ ” — PATRICIA SHIPP