Jimmy Kimmel will make a daily trip back and forth between the East and West Coast when fills in for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly in New York and hosts his own late-night talk show in L.A. Every week day during the week of Oct. 22, Kimmel will fly across the country to co-host with Kelly Ripa in NYC each morning while Regis is on vacation and tape his own show in Los Angeles each night.

“I am a little bit insane,” Kimmel told The Associated Press about flying cross-country twice a day for five days. “It will be difficult, but that’s how committed I am to entertaining America. And parts of Canada.”

Kimmel plans on prepping for his nightly show while flying back to L.A., and hopes to catch up on his Z’s during his overnight flight east. So will everything go according to plan? Kimmel is actually banking on things falling apart!

“For whatever we lose from not being able to prepare for a long time, I think we’ll gain in stories and stunts as it happens,” he said. “People can tune in and watch me collapse on air.”