Jessica Simpson is sure to be hotter than a witch’s brew over her hunk of a husband Nick Lachey‘s new role on the TV series “Charmed.”

The women who star on the show are cursed when it comes to lasting relationships and it will mean the end of their marriage, says a source.

The supernatural drama about three witches, all sisters, stars Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs.


Nick’s six-episode guest gig on the sitcom has his character hired as a ghostwriter to pen the column usually written by Milano’s character Phoebe Halliwell, while the witch takes a vacation. But Nick’s character ends up falling under Phoebe’s love spell.

Nick recently admitted he had a crush on Milano and admitted he told her on the set of “Charmed” that he had a poster of her hanging in his locker. Milano, whose own marriage lasted less than a year, said the feeling was mutual. “His eyes are like lavender. I can’t even look at him when I’m working with him . . . he’s hot.”

No doubt Jessica found her comments less than charming.

“Jessica — who can be very superstitious — told Nick that she had heard a rumor that there was a ‘curse’ on the relationships of the ‘Charmed’ cast,” said an insider. “She pointed out that former series star Shannen Doherty broke up with her husband Rick Salomon (of Paris Hilton sex tape fame).

Rose McGowan split with fiance Marilyn Manson the same year she got the role as Paige Matthews on the show.

“And former ‘Charmed’ co-star, ‘Nip/Tuck’ actor Julian McMahon, left his wife Brooke Burns and took up with Doherty!

“When she brought all this up to Nick, he just laughed and told her that was a bunch of nonsense. But Jess is not so sure about that. I bet she knows her husband is an incorrigible flirt who seems to have sex on the brain all the time.


“Jessica tried to talk Nick out of doing the WB series but he wouldn’t hear of it. He’s seemingly been unhappy with the way his career has gone since he teamed up with wife Jessica on ‘Newlyweds.’ Nick sees this as his big break.

“He’s going to love being on the ‘Charmed’ set, surrounded by all those cute young women.” Jessica is hoping he isn’t tempted.

A spokesman for Jessica told The ENQUIRER, “That’s ridiculous. And not at all true.” — MICHAEL GLYNN