Jessica Simpson’s  family is worried that the troubled beauty is headed for an emotional meltdown after a frightening collapse recently.

With her romantic life in tatters, career stalled and the brutal death of her dog Daisy, Jessica’s loved ones are concerned that stress and heartbreak have pushed her to the edge.

"Jessica is in the grips of a life crisis right now," divulged a family friend.

"She does a great job of publicly hiding the pain, but in private she is an emotional mess.

"Jess is so lonely that she frequently sleeps at her folks’ Encino home. Nights are the worst. Sometimes she calls her mom into the guest bedroom and asks Tina to hold her while she falls asleep."

One time recently, said the friend, Jessica’s father Joe walked in on her poring over a photo album, collapsed in tears that ran down her cheeks.

"When Joe asked, ‘What’s wrong, honey?’ Jess screamed, ‘EVERYTHING!’

"She is beating herself up over poor career choices, and feels as if she didn’t give her best effort to her two-year relationship with Tony Romo or her marriage to Nick Lachey.
The past year has brought one heartbreak after another.Last winter the singer was mercilessly ridiculed for an expanding waistline and fashion missteps. In July, Dallas Cowboy BF  Tony Romo dumped her on the eve of her 29th birthday – and in September, Jessica’s beloved malti-poo Daisy was snatched by a coyote.

"Her family has been keeping a close eye on her alcohol consumption," disclosed the friend. "Jess sometimes goes overboard and then gets very emotional.

"They want to be there to nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem."

Though she doesn’t turn 30 for another nine months, Jessica is already dreading the milestone. She fears she’s doomed to be a loser in love who’s her own worst enemy.

"Jess had hoped she would have a husband, baby and flourishing acting career by the time she turned 30," said the friend.

"Instead, she feels like her best days are behind her."