Take a hike! That’s JESSICA BIEL’s plan to snare the heart of "Hangover" hunk BRADLEY COOPER!

 She’s invited the avid outdoorsman to join her for a trek in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The 29-year-old actress has had a crush on her 36-year-old “A-Team” co-star since the two worked on the film together last year, an insider told The ENQUIRER. But at the time, Jessica was dating Justin Timberlake and Bradley was with Renee Zellweger.

“She’s very physically fit and she always felt that Bradley was perfectly suited to her,” the insider continued.

Both Jessica and Bradley,who broke up with their respective partners in March, are longtime athletes. Jes­sica played soccer, trained as a gymnast and likes to snowboard.

Brad­ley – who hosted the Discovery Channel’s action-adventure series “Treks in a Wild World” in 2000 – excelled in high school track and on the rowing team at Georgetown University.

When Jessica felt like the post-breakup dust had settled, she quickly swooped in and made her move on Bradley.

“To appeal to his adventurer side, she asked if he’d like to go hiking with her rather than on a traditional date,” the insider divulged.

“And it worked.

"Bradley agreed to go when they can work out the time.”