The VIEW hottie and BLUE BLOODS hunk make it official.

Jenny made the announcement on “The View" (natch) that Donnie Wahlberg hit her up to get hitched and laid a big fat rock on her as well.

Jenny said yes (of course).

"I just got engaged!" Jenny, 41,  enthused as she revealed her hand hidden from behind the desk.

"It's a yellow sapphire," she screeched as she leapt about the talk show set.

 Weeping openly on-the-air, Jenny revealed all the deets, saying her son Evan helped with the game changing moment.

Wahlberg, 44, got down on one knee, she said, and pitched the prop.

The date is not set yet, Jenny divulged.

While Jenny is  busy taping the AM talker, Donny has just finished lensing “Blue Bloods” S-4 and is prepping for the 30th anniversary of New Kids on the Block in Vegas.

Mazel tov, you crazy kids!