PUFF DADDY’S Puff Mama wants Jennifer Lopez to stay away from her sonny boy!

While TinselTown speculates on the status of the power couple’s rocky relationship, behind the scenes Puff’s mother Janice Combs is getting the upper hand.

“Janice has hated Jennifer from the very first day she entered Puffy’s life. She says she’s a ‘user,’ who’s out to get whatever she can from her son,” revealed an insider.

“Even though Puffy is currently in trouble over gun possession charges and is touted as a tough guy, he’s still a mama’s boy and does what she says. He agreed that as soon as the trial is over they will officially call it quits.”

Some insiders say that Jennifer is popping up with Puff just as a show of support during his trial — but will be glad to disappear in a Puff of smoke when it’s over.

Divulged a close source: “Jennifer is riding high these days and the last thing she wants to worry about is Puffy’s mama!”

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