OUT-OF-CONTROL diva Jennifer Lopez has a security force big enough to handle Fort Knox — and an ego to match, pals say!

“Jennifer makes demanding stars like Madonna, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston seem like Pollyannas by comparison,” an insider on the set of her new film “Enough” told The ENQUIRER.

“Her security force is fit for a president. Her legion of bodyguards refer to her as ‘No. 1’ — and report every step she takes by walkie-talkie.”

Divulged the insider, “Their typical mumbo jumbo goes like this: ‘No. 1 is leaving the car now, No. 1 is approaching her trailer. No. 1 has arrived at makeup. No. 1 has ordered a sesame bagel with light cream cheese. No. 1 has added an order for a double latte.'”

Jennifer, 30, has a standing demand that she be driven only in a black Mercedes by a male chauffeur. “On set, strict orders to cast and crew are that ‘No. 1’ is never to be looked at or spoken to directly.

“And every hour of the day — even when she’s working — a personal bodyguard is never more than four feet away from her.”

Since lensing began, Jennifer has complained daily about her wardrobe: “A few weeks back, Jennifer had a meltdown when she didn’t have the right bra for a scene. She insists on a bra made of a special fabric that prevents her dark nipples from showing through.

Jennifer Lopez’ wardrobe for “Enough” consists solely of items she personally picked out and approved.

“That time, Jennifer herself simply forgot the bra. She left it at home. But she blamed the wardrobe department. Of course the crew scrambled like scared mice and soon another bra was located.