JENNIFER LAWRENCE celebrated her Best Ac­tress Oscar by getting close to a girlfriend, smoking a funny looking cigarette and boozing it up on a hotel balcony in Hawaii!

Three days after accepting her Academy Award on Feb. 24, the 22-year-old “Sil­ver Linings Playbook” star and a girlfriend were photographed ten­derly embracing on the balcony of The Modern Honolulu hotel.

Jennifer was also swilling wine and clasping a hand-rolled cigarette that looked suspiciously like a marijuana joint. Even though the actress is not known to be a smoker, another shot shows her puffing away on it!

“She looked happy and relaxed, which may well have been due in part to the wine and the smoke,” said a source.

Jennifer celebrated her big win by getting her hair dyed black in a Beverly Hills salon before jetting off to Hawaii. But she was also there for work, shoot­ing some scenes for the “Hunger Games” sequel.

Jennifer, who played an out-of-control sex addict in her Oscar-winning “Playbook” perfor­mance, made a big impression on the Academy Awards crowd by tripping over her voluminous Dior high-fashion gown on her way up the stairs to the stage.

She also grabbed the attention of ageless Hollywood Lothario Jack Nicholson!

The 75-year-old superstar – and unrepentant ladies’ man – crashed an interview Jennifer was giv­ing backstage after the show and shamelessly flirted with her on camera.

 “I loved you in the movie,” cooed silver-tongued Jack. “It was great…You look like an old girlfriend of mine.”

Jennifer laughed. “Oh, re­ally? Do I look like a new girlfriend?”

“I thought about it,” replied the devilish actor. “I’ll be waiting!”

But Jack didn’t wait long. He soon called the beauty to ask her out on a date, and a source says Jennifer “was intrigued.”

Added the insider: “Jack’s smitten with Jennifer and loves the thrill of the chase. Not only is he gunning for ro­mance with her, he’s also on the lookout for a plum movie project the two can star in together.”