Hiss! Scratch! Catty rivalry explodes in catastrophic war of nerves between ANGELINA JOLIE and JENNIFER ANSTION over her hunky new man, say sources!

Angelina – who stole married Brad Pitt from Jennifer in 2004 while filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” – is now trying to hook handsome Justin Theroux to star with her in “Salt 2.”

The sultry beauty has invited Justin out to dinner to offer him the role – and an irate Jen has warned her longtime love rival: “Keep your hands off him!”

Jen has good reason to worry. Angelina has a history of falling for and burning through talent, including ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

But the 36-year-old actress insists Justin is ideal for the part, “and it gives her a rush to stick it to Jen,” declared an insider.

Angelina absolutely hatesthat Jen and Brad are still close and talk to each other.

“So she’s chasing Justin for a prized film role as a move against Jen, who gets under her skin like no other woman.”

Angelina had her manager get Justin’s cell phone number from his handlers and has asked him to dine with her to go over the project, said the insider.

“Angie is campaigning for producers to dangle a big pay­check in front of Justin to entice him to come on board for the second installment of ‘Salt,’ her hit action thriller.

“Not only does An­gie think Justin’s dark, brooding good looks would be a perfect on-screen match for her, but she loves stirring up Jen’s insecurities.”

Meantime, Angelina’s plans to land Justin have upset Brad – who is begging her to consider anyone else as he battles to keep the peace between Angie and Jen, revealed the insider.

And Jen, 42, is fit to be tied over Angelina approaching 40-year-old ac­tor/screenwriter Justin, who’s now living with her after a whirlwind four-month romance.

The tensions climaxed with a fiery confrontation.

“Jen called out Angelina,” said the in­sider. “She’s not about to let her steal another man from her like she did with Brad.

“After Angie’s brazen play for Justin, Jen told her rival through her handlers: ‘Keep your hands off him!’

Angie didn’t answer back, according to the insider. “She wants Jen to stay frantic and not know what she is going to do next. “