Jane Fonda and Ted Turner

Senior sex siren JANE FONDA is caught in a heated love triangle with her boyfriend RICHARD PERRY and ex-hubby TED TURNER!

Tensions ran high when Jane invited both her music producer boyfriend and her ex-husband to celebrate her 75th birthday with a small group of pals at Craig’s eatery in West Hollywood on Dec. 20.

Sources say Richard appeared to be jealous of all the attention CNN founder Ted still lavishes on his ex-wife and fears that he’s still in love with her.

“Jane and Ted went through a rocky divorce, but they’ve managed to develop a pretty close friendship, and she invited him to her birthday party,” revealed a close source.

“Richard actually encourages their friendship, but sometimes he feels they get a little too close for comfort.

“At Jane’s birthday party, Richard felt that Ted was being a little too flirtatious with his comments and gestures.

“A couple of times when Ted was talking to Jane, he’d put his hand on her arm and lean in close to speak or whisper something in her ear.

“Even though his gestures were completely innocent, they made Richard crazy with jealousy. It was written all over his face.”

Jane’s 10-year marriage to third husband Ted, 74, ended in 2001. Afterward, the couple took some nasty jabs at each other over the personal issues that had led to the marriage collapse. But later on they buried the hatchet.

Meanwhile, the legendary actress and fitness guru has been happily in love with her live-in boyfriend Richard, 70, for three years.

“Richard knows Jane and Ted share a very special bond that will never be broken,” said the source. “And he worries that they could reignite their romance, even though Jane assures him she and Ted are just good friends.”