Hollywood’s oddest couple revealed – MEL GIBSON and CHER! And wait ‘til you LEARN what the more-than- BFFs are up to!

Cher is getting some matchmak­ing help from an unlikely source – good pal Mel Gibson!

Despite his own checkered past with women, including a multimillion-dollar divorce, ob­scenity-laced telephone calls and a restraining order, the “Brave­heart” star has offered to help Cher find Mr. Right.

And she said yes!

“Cher’s well aware of Mel’s reputation, but they’ve always been fans of each other’s work and have had a fun-loving, lighthearted friendship,” revealed an insider.

The longtime Malibu neigh­bors recently ran into one another at Hollywood’s Soho House, and Cher mentioned that she’s happy being single, says the insider.

“But Mel didn’t buy it. He told her she’s too beautiful to be alone and insisted that he could find her a good man.

“Cher laughed and said, ‘OK, if you think you can find my Mr. Right…fix me up!’”

Now Mel, 56, is on the hunt for a handsome, wealthy suitor for Cher.

The “Moon­struck” star, 66, has already been married twice, first to the late Sonny Bono and then to rock­er Gregg Allman. She’s also dated a number of men over the years, most recently TV screenwriter and comedian Ron Zimmerman.

But Mel is an unlikely per­son to be playing Dr. Love.

He and ex-wife Robyn divorced after 31 years of marriage and seven children, due to his cheating with Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, who gave birth to Mel’s daughter, Lucia, in October 2009.

In June 2010, Oksana ob­tained a domestic violence restraining order, claiming Mel had knocked her teeth out. Their recorded phone conversations – during which Mel berated her and screamed profanities – were heard around the world.

But Cher doesn’t seem fazed.

“Cher is looking forward to her first date,” the insider added. “She’s expect­ing Mel to make good on his promise of being her personal ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’”