The marriage of Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Kate and Jon Gosselin is headed for divorce, sources tell The ENQUIRER and with Kate’s violent rages an expert says she’ll lose all eight kids!

The two are already living apart, and while Jon’s reported affair with a pretty young school teacher has sparked a media firestorm, The ENQUIRER has learned that behind the scenes of their reality show, Kate’s behavior is even more shocking.

"Kate isn’t the mother you see portrayed on TV, not even close," a source close to Kate tells The ENQUIRER.

"She’s physically and mentally abusive, and she’s prone to violent fits of rage. Her children have witnessed her fits and become frightened to the point that they run away and try to hide.

"She goes ballistic," the source divulged.

Mealtime with the Gosselin brood – 8-year-old twin girls and the 5-year-old sextuplets – is often punctuated by violent outbursts from Kate, says the source.

"It doesn’t take long for the kids to notice that Mommy is mad, and all of a sudden, the happy kitchen full of noisy, laughing kids changes to a room of frightened teary-eyed children."

And that violent temper could mean that in a divorce, 34-year-old Kate will lose custody of the children to Jon, 32, says an expert.

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