When "Real Housewives" star TAYLOR ARMSTRONG told her husband RUSSELL she was planning to report him to cops, he savagely sent her to the hospital!

Taylor's closest friends were scared for not only her but her 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy, and threatened to go to the authorities, reported.

"Either file for divorce, or we are going to the cops and Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services with our fears,” a source said.

“When Taylor told  Russell what her friends planned, he beat her, (causing) her to go to the hospital.

While recovering from the brutal attack, Taylor decided she would file for divorce.

"Taylor was broken and beaten when she was hospitalized. She took pictures to document what had happened. Taylor made the decision to pull the plug on her marriage while she was still in the hospital. She realized she had no other choice," the insider says.

Russell had a violent past towards the women in his life, including his ex-wife, Barbara Fredrickson and then girlfriend, Claudia Haro.

On August 15, several months after Taylor filed for divorce, Russell committed suicide and was found hanging from a noose at a friend’s home in Los Angeles.