Weeks before the horrific Penn State sex scandal exploded, the wife of JERRY SANDUSKY, the football coach accused of molesting underage boys may have mysteriously called one of his tragic victims.

Former Penn State University as­sistant coach Sandusky has been indicted on 40 counts of sex crimes against eight young boys over a 15-year period.

But, according to the 23-page grand jury indict­ment against Sandusky, his 68-year-old wife Dorothy reached out to one of his vic­tims before he testified against the disgraced coach.

Chillingly, the victim – now 26 years old and labeled “Victim #7” in the bombshell legal papers – had cut off all contact with Sandusky two years earlier.

 Despite that, as investiga­tors were gathering evidence of her husband’s alleged perverted behavior, Mrs. Sandusky left a message on the victim’s telephone, insisting the mat­ter was “very important.”

The exact role played by Mrs. San­dusky in her husband’s secret life remains murky.

“Certainly, her life has been destroyed by the allegations against her husband,” a police source told The ENQUIRER.

“But there will be questions as to why she attempted to place a phone call to one of his alleged victims, and as to whether she made the phone call to hush up the victim. That’s certainly one way the grand jury in­dictment can be read.

“The question becomes what did she really know and whether she’s been in de­nial about her husband.”

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