A year and a half ago The ENQUIRER first reported Miley Cyrus was a Sex and the City addict and she’s been rewarded with a cameo in the new film. 

BUT that’s NOT the FULL STORY behind the Twitter quitter’s Sex desire —

On April 17, 2008 FIRST reported that Miley was a big fan of the Candace Bushnell series despite the fact she was only 5 when the series preemed.

Miley, then in the wake, of her carefully orchestrated PR-blast over her Lolita-ish nearly-nude Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair pix said she wanted to do a "younger cleaner version of Sex and the City" based on the censored version she had seen in syndication.

A few months later we reported that SATC creator Bushnell had lunched a Young Adult book series of Carrie Bradshaw’s high-school years called The Carrie Diaries which will be pubb’ed by Harper Collins,  an imprint of Disney.

That’s right – Disney.

And just who’s the biggest money maker in the Maus Haus?

If you said "Miley Cyrus" – pour yourself a Virgin Cosmo.

That’s no coincidence that Miley and Kim Cattrall are facing off in the new SATC – it’s the birth of a tie-in prequel series starring the fresh faced Cyrus, industry insiders predict.

Remember, you read it here FIRST —  in The ENQUIRER —  As always.