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TV beauty HEATHER LOCKLEAR’s meltdown was fueled by failing romance with JACK WAGNER that landed her in a psych ward.

When Jack’s obsessive love for Heather turned toxic – and she balked at his marriage ulti­matum, he coldly dumped her things on her doorstep and told her that he never wanted to see her again!

That’s the untold story behind the 50-year-old TV beauty’s meltdown, reveals a family insider.

“Poor Heather is a mess,” the in­sider told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s not only going through menopause, she’s suffering from anxiety, depression and deep-rooted anger over her relationship with Jack.

“She’s been popping pills and guz­zling white wine while trying to deal with his possessiveness and harass­ment.”

Back in 2008, Heather accepted her former “Melrose Place” co-star’s marriage proposal. But they never set a date, and she eventually gave him his ring back.

Jack proposed again in August last year, and the engagement was back on. “But she began to have second thoughts because she knew that when Jack was married to his first wife, he had been a cheater,” said the insider.

“Heather told Jack, ‘I trust you more this way, I don’t need a piece of paper to validate our relationship.’ ”

Jack “came on strong” and when he started pressing her to set a date, Heather began taking medication, a family insider revealed.

At that point, Jack organized an intervention with Heather’s fam­ily and specialists from the A&E Emmy Award-winning TV series “Intervention,” that profiles people with substance abuse problems, said the family insider.

“Heather agreed to get help and entered a facility in Palm Springs,” the source divulged. “But she quit after a few days and went into a month-long rehab program at the Summit in Malibu. She left there af­ter two-and-half weeks against doc­tors’ orders and her family’s advice, saying she felt fine.”

From late November to mid- December, Heather was back to her usual happy self and vacationed with Jack, 52, at a golf resort in Arizona, said the source.

“But things turned ugly again when Jack told Heather that he believed strongly in marriage and in­sisted that she needed a husband. He wouldn’t let up,” said the source.

“Heather started drinking again and taking pills to cope, and over the holidays, Jack drove over to her house and dumped five bags of her belong­ings on her doorstep. He told her, ‘Here’s your s***! It’s all over. I don’t want to see you again!’”

That sent Heather into a tail-spin, and on Jan. 10, she partied over drinks with her pal Marjorie Perenchio, the wife of a billionaire, at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

“After that, Heather was mixing white wine with her prescription meds at home while flying into un­controllable rages about Jack,” said the source.

On Jan. 12, her worried sister Colleen called 911, said the source.

“Paramedics arrived to find Heather in bed drinking wine,” the family insider revealed. “She said, ‘I’ve taken my medication and I’m having some wine. Why do people think that’s a problem?’

“When a paramedic tried to put an IV drip in her arm, she ripped it out and blood splattered everywhere.”

Eventually, the insider says Colleen persuaded Heather to go with the paramedics and she was admitted to Los Robles Hospital. She was transferred to an unnamed psychiatric hospital on Jan. 13 and late released. 

She and Jack are both due in court today over charges stemming from a physical altercation between the two.