AMERICAN IDOL” winner Phillip Phillips has decided it’s time his family handled their problems without his help – or his money!

After learning that his mother, Sheryl, 58, was busted for DUI in Albany, Ga., on Feb. 14, a source says the 22-year-old singer/guitarist shrugged and said: “That’s not my problem!”

“Phillip is tired of his family always expecting him to help clean up their messes,” the source continued. “He’s got his own life to lead now.”

HE’S ALSO GOT A SOARING CAREER. The entertainer has an album out and hit single with “Home.” Meanwhile, he’s been on a concert tour recently opening for Matchbox Twenty.

“He just doesn’t have time to come to his parents’ rescue anymore,” said the source.

Phillip’s mom could use some support, seeing how she was booked at the Dougherty County Jail in Albany on charges of “DUI-less safe” after being pulled over for weaving and striking a curb.

“DUI-less safe” is generally charged when a person isn’t believed to be under the influence of alcohol but rather some other substance, explains Albany police Major Bill Berry.

Phillip has helped his folks out in the past.

As The ENQUIRER re­ported in June, after winning the $1 million recording contract on “Idol,” big-hearted Phillip urged his father to sell the family pawn shop in Leesburg, Ga., promising to help him financially.

“But the shop just sat on the market and Phillip got tired of his folks contin­ually having their hands out,” confided the source. “It’s not that he’s uncaring – he still loves his mom and dad – but he can’t bail them out all the time. He said, ‘They’re grown-up people – they can take care of themselves.’”