ASHLEY JUDD raced back to estranged hubby DARIO FRANCHETTI’s side after the three-time Indianapolis 500 winner was seriously injured in a horrific crash.

Now friends believe the near-tragedy may bring the couple back together for good!

Dario suffered two broken vertebrae, a fractured right ankle and a concussion after his car went airborne into protective fencing following a frightening collision at the Houston Grand Prix on Oct. 6.

Ashley, who called it quits with Dario in January after 11 years of marriage, immediately took to her Twitter page to thank fans for their prayers.

“I have only clothes on my back & the dogs but that’s all that we need & we are on our way,” she wrote.

A source close to “Missing” star Ashley, 45, told The ENQUIRER: “Something good has already come out of this terrible accident. It’s brought Dario and Ashley closer together again and on the path to patching things up.

“They still love each other very much, and Ashley was very distraught when she heard about Dario’s crash. She had tears in her eyes and immediately began praying to God he would pull through.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in our Feb. 18 issue, the couple’s marriage unraveled over her endless feuds with superstar mom Naomi and big sis Wynonna.

But the final straw came when the handsome Scotsman begged Ashley to go to marriage counseling and, instead, she joined Naomi and Wynonna for family counseling with a life coach.

“Ashley figured that she and Dario were solid and everything would be OK if she sorted out her feelings toward her mother and sister,” said the source. “Instead, the family counseling ended up tearing Dario and Ashley apart.”

But pals say the couple now has a second shot at love as Ashley helps nurse Dario back to health.

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining,” the source added. “And for Ashley and Dario, this horrible accident is bringing them back together.”