“Homeless” Brandi Glanville — Valley Girl?

“Homeless” Brandi Glanville — Valley Girl? thumbnail

 She’s not a Housewife nor does she lives in Beverly Hills and now “Homeless” BRANDI GLANVILLE fears the worst – The Valley! 

Fan fave Brandi has been divorced from ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian since 2010 and despite often being photographed in Beverly Hills, she doesn’t live there and while currently “homeless” is looking for a new pad in the Valley, RadarOnline reported.

Interestingly, it was Glanville, 41, who tried to stir drama with fellow Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump by saying on her podcast that the Brit beauty didn’t always live in the 90210 but actually lived in … gasp! … the Valley.

“On our show, there are certain people who want to project this perfect persona like there’s nothing wrong in the world,” Glanville had said.

“Like, Lisa Vanderpump used to live deep in the Valley and was filing for bankruptcy — and she doesn’t want to talk about that. That’s interesting to me.”

Vanderpump denied both the bankruptcy and living in the Valley, to which Glanville blamed the info slip-up on gossip accrued from Housewife Kyle Richards.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Glanville and her two sons; Mason, 11, and Jake, 7, are currently in between homes after the lease on their last house expired.

And surprise, surprise, she’s looking in the Valley. Like totally gnarly to the max.