“Homeland” star’ MORENA BACCARIN’s hush-hush nearly nude confessional.

The "Homeland" beauty and former alien leader/seductress of “V” and the Joss Whedon’s “Firefly’  has more than top flight security clearance.

Which means she may NOT be returning for a third season of the hit series on “Homeland” on Showtime she divulged to the British edition of GQ.

 “I’ve asked and harassed but I haven’t gotten ANY information,” Morena, 33, told the lad mag.

“But I don’t think anyone is safe…”

De-codification — she hasn’t received a script/character breakdown to see if she’ll be back as America’s most tormented TV wife – Mrs. Nicholas Brody.

Morena, a Brazilian born beauty is not only a graduate of  New York’s High School of Music and Performing Arts (aka The Fame school) but also the prestigious Juilliard School of Acting which means she’s licensed to thesp – big time.

 “I would love to be a Bond girl,” Morena told GQ. “THAT is on my bucket list, definitely.”