Basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal is the Biker from Hell! That’s how an outraged motorcycle dealer feels about the Los Angeles Lakers’ 7-foot-1 superstar.

The hoop legend is a real Harley hog for ordering a custom-built $130,000 chopper — and then never paying the bill, the dealer charges in a supersized lawsuit.

What’s worse, the Daytona Harley-Davidson dealer says he’s stuck with the bike, because it was specially designed to fit the hoopster’s hulking 340-pound body!

“You can’t just walk into a shop and get a king-sized bike,” said Daytona Harley- Davidson owner Bruce Rossmeyer. “It took us a year and a half to build, and every part was handmade.”

The burgundy chopper was constructed to meet Shaq’s design requests, including a Superman logo — like the one tattooed on his arm — painted or hand engraved into the chrome and titanium bike 34 times.

But the dealer charges there’s one detail the big guy overlooked — paying the $130,000 tab, which is less than half the $300,000 Shaq reportedly earns per game.

An insider told The ENQUIRER: “The dealership didn’t have any reason to think Shaq wouldn’t pay them. He bought a custom-made bike from them once before and even took his first riding lessons there.

“Last September, when the bike was delivered to Shaq’s home near Orlando, he absolutely loved it and didn’t have a single complaint.

“They made every effort to get Shaq to pay so it wouldn’t have to come to a lawsuit, but it got to where he wouldn’t even return their calls,” said the insider.

Shaq’s spokeswoman did not respond to The ENQUIRER’s request for comment.

But the insider disclosed the bike shop finally had to take drastic action. “The dealership had no other choice but to go to Shaq’s house and take back the bike.”