Baywatch hunk DAVID HASSELHOFF finds love 4 after a very nasty split from ex PAMELA BACH.

The Hoff was lensed in the clinch, locking lips with new GF Brit heiress Anouska De Georgiou.

After a romantic breakfast near the Los Angeles marina on Sunday, the 30-year-old blonde stunner entwined herself about The Hoff, 57, as they’re enjoyed a PDA for the paps.

Anouska, a singer/actress,  is the daughter of a millionaire financier and has been in Los Angeles for the past six years.

Reportedly,  The Hoff has been sly dating Anouska under the radar for the past five months.

Recently, it was revealed in court documents that Hasselhoff paid ex-wife Bach $325,000 in a cash buy-out for their $3.25 million Hollywood home.