Hoff’s Girl Is A Plus-Size Beauty!

Hoff’s Girl Is A Plus-Size Beauty! thumbnail
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David Hasselhoff’s 21-year-old daughter has no desire to be like the beach babes who strutted their stuff in the sand during her dad’s “Baywatch” days. Hayley Hasselhoff is a plus-size model – and couldn’t be happier.

At a curvy size 14, Hayley is brimming with confidence and wants to share her health and happiness secrets with other large women.

“I was self-conscious of my body, like every young teenager, especially as I developed a chest earlier than most girls,” said the 5-foot-7 model. “But from a young age, i was told that beauty is on the inside. My mother (actress Pamela Bach) may have been tiny, but I never felt under any pressure to be like her.”

Although she was often surrounded by picture-perfect beauties including “Baywatch” bombshells Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth, Hayley learned to be happy with the body God gave her.

Hayley, who is single, is also a budding actress. She appeared as a kid on her dad’s show and also starred in the TV drama “Huge,” but even as her career took off, she resisted Hollywood’s obsession with being skinny.

She simply eats sensibly. A typical menu for Hayley includes eggs for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and chicken salad for dinner.

Hayley does not diet and does not weigh herself.

But like her thinner counter- parts, she enjoys being a girl and dressing in style. “I’m happy to say I’m plus-size, and I want other women to feel like that, too.”

In 2007, divorced dad Hasselhoff, who has battled booze demons, temporarily lost parental rights for Hayley and her sister Taylor Ann, now 23 – after Taylor video- taped him intoxicated on the floor trying to eat a hamburger.

He called it a wake-up call and has a good relationship with both girls.