SHARON STONE’S tough-guy hubby showed her tough love when she complained of a blinding headache — and ended up saving her life. Despite her angry protests, he rushed her against her will to the hospital where doctors diagnosed a terrifying brain hemorrhage.

Macho newspaperman Phil Bronstein — who recently made headlines when he was bitten by a deadly Komodo dragon — wasted no time by scooping up Sharon and whisking her to the emergency room.

The ENQUIRER learned that behind Sharon’s September 29 health emergency is a story of heroism and love — and of a devoted husband who whouldn’t bend to his strong-willed wife.

“Phil’s heroics saved Sharon’s life,” divulged a family friend.

“Sharon was complaining of a splitting headache, and Phil realized something was terribly wrong — far worse than she realized.

“Sharon had blurred vision, was pale and agitated.

“When Phil told her she looked awful, she snapped at him — and told him she was fine and just overly tired.

“A few minutes later, when Sharon said she just needed to rest her eyes, Phil suggested calling the doctor.

“Sharon absolutely refused, and told Phil he was overreacting.

“That’s when quick-thinking Phil swept Sharon up in his arms and forced her to go with him for help.

“Sharon initially resisted, claiming she was fine and that their 16-month-old son Roan needed her.

“But Phil won out and, thank God, got her to the emergency room in time.”

Revealed an eyewitness: “Sharon walked into the emergency room on her own, but she was holding her head and was in obvious pain.”

After her condition was stabilized, she was transferred to University of California San Francisco Medical Center, a leading neurology research center.

Doctors initially suspected a small aneurysm had caused the bleeding on the brain, but after testing, they determined she had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a condition in which blood leaks between the brain and the membrane covering the brain.

Revealed another source: “Sharon’s downplaying the whole thing publicly, but privately she’s thinking Phil’s smart thinking for saving her life. Sharon told a pal, ‘Phil’s a big teddy bear — a teddy bear who saved my life!’

“She said she was so wrapped up in her daily routine with the baby that she never realized what was happening.

“Phil refused to leave Sharon’s side throughout the whole ordeal.

“And even once she was out of the woods, he went home only to change clothes and check on Roan.

“The moment Sharon was up to it, Phil — the executive editor of The San Francisco Chronicle — brought little Roan in on his shoulders to see Sharon.

“The two of them are so nuts about their little boy that it was torture to be away from him.

“When Phil brought Roan in, Sharon exclaimed, ‘Here he is, mommy’s big boy. The best medicine in the world.’ “

The 43-year-old “Basic Instinct” star needed that boost. During a battery of medical tests, she was poked, prodded and X-rayed from head to toe as frightened friends and family gathered at her bedside.

In an effort to find out what caused her brain to bleed, the star underwent a CT scan, an MRI and two angiograms.

“Phil is trying to put on a brave face, but he is scared,” divulged a source. “He fears she’ll suffer another hemorrhage and might not be so lucky next time.”