HERO CAT, the viral feline who whupped a dog that attacked a kid, 15 minutes may be up as dog lovers don't strike back.

Tara aka Hero Cat’s victory lap has turned sour.

After video of the fabled feline’s  smackdown on neighbor’s  dog who attacked a child went maddingly viral, the former stray was suddenly an international sensation.

Within 12 hours the cat who saved Erica and Roger Triantafilo’s toddler Jeremy was making the morning TV chatshow rounds, “Cat Fancy” magazine  (the "Vogue" glam mag of cats) was pitching a purr-fect cover story and a minor league baseball team Tweeted that the cat has been tabbed to throw out a historic first pitch for the Bakersfield Blaze.

As famed internet cats Grumpy and Bub stewed in their own litter, a shocking new development was doggedly plaguing the feel good feline story of the year.

The dog that had precipitated the sudden and shocking attack was now set to be destroyed, according to reports.

The dog, remaining nameless for shaming his worldwide canine posse, was set to walk the last mile.

Dog lovers were said to be strangely silent on Twitter regarding the four-legged fiend’s sentence.

It is unclear if a “Twilight Bark” would be initiated in remembrance because of his shameful malfeasance.  

In short: Dog bites man-child. Cat beats dog. Cat famous.  Dog dead.