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Octogenarian-at-large, Hugh M. Hefner, has a message for teen sensation-in-crisis Miley Cyrus.

Come pose for me.

The Playboy editor and publisher said 15 year-old-Miley will be welcomed in the nudie-cutie trailblazer when she’s of legal age. Hef also thinks Miley is a "very pretty lady."

Last week the world was abuzz as the Annie Liebowitz lensed Vanity Fair pics of Miley implied nudity.

Her Hannah Montana bosses at Disney and parents were not amused.

Accusations and protestations kept the media hopping.

"I think to make such a big-to-do over something as innocent as those photos is a reflection of how schizophrenic America is about sexuality," Hefner stated matter-of-factly.

Excuse me, Hef? Nabokov is still holding on line one.