HEATHER LOCKLEAR is blissfully in love with a new guy, but the troubled actress’ happiness could be shattered when she discovers that her lover has been accused of being a deadbeat dad!

Shocking court documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER reveal that the “Melrose Place” beauty’s new beau Larry Porush was blasted by his ex-wife for allegedly failing to pay child support.

In divorce papers filed in California, Bar­bara Porush charged that Larry, a technology honcho, stiffed his two children following their 2007 separation even though he’d just landed a new job.

“He did not pay any support for approxi­mately the first three months of his new job,” the documents state. “He told me this was to allow him to ‘catch up’ on his bills. I was left to care for the children on my income alone during that time.”

The papers indicate it was a nasty divorce, but Larry downplayed the conflict.

“There were typical money negotiations,” he told The ENQUIRER. “We are not at war. We are focused on our kids.”

Barbara declined to comment, BUT her divorce documents charge that Larry also spent very little time with his youngsters, in part because he was caring for his ailing fa­ther. “This left me to bear increased expenses for the children since they were basically spending very little time with their father,” she stated in the documents.

“(Larry) earns three times what I do. His ex­penses, if his income and expense declaration is to be believed, are still only about half of his income, so he has the ability to pay guideline support and he should have been paying it all along.”

But now, Larry, 51, insists that he’s put the past behind him and is as happy as a lark with Heather. On Sept. 25, he stepped out with the “TJ Hooker” beauty for a romantic dinner at Malibu’s Sage Room, where they celebrated her 51st birthday.

“We’ve been dating since March and are very happy,” Larry told The ENQUIRER.

“We met at a high school swim meet. The relationship is grow­ing, and I’m not opposed to getting married again. She’s a great girl and a fantastic wom­an.”

Friends of the still-sexy star hope Larry is truly her Mr. Right and can keep her from falling back into her old self-destructive patterns.

“Heather still struggles with addiction,” said a source close to the actress. “She needs a guy who can keep her out of trouble, not another bad boy who enables her to drink and do drugs.”

Heather was admitted to a hospital psych ward earlier this year, and a source told The ENQUIRER that her meltdown was triggered by her 2011 breakup with her previous boyfriend, soap star Jack Wagner.

For the most part, Heather has been unlucky in love. Her marriage to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee ended in a 1993 divorce. The following year, she tied the knot with rocker Richie Sambora, but they got divorced in 2007 and now share custody of their teen daughter, Ava.

The close source is relieved that de­spite Larry’s marital woes in the past, he at least seems to be a straight ar­row. Concluded the source: “Heather needs someone who is going to be a positive influence.”