STAR WARS spinoffs to feature adventures of young HAN SOLO and bounty hunter BOBBA FETT!

Finally, will Han NOW shoot Greedo first (again*)?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a day after the new STAR WARS flicks will be stand alones set in the Lucas-verse comes word of rebooting- the new Disney flicks will showcase Solo the captain of the Millennium Falcon and played in the original trilogy by Harrison Ford.

AND fave fave bounty hunter the armor wearing mysterion Bobba Fett who was featured fleetingly in the first go-round of sci-fi flicks and then depicted as a lad in the prequel-ogy.

According to reports,  the first Solo solo adventure would occur in the timeline before Han met erstwhile (SPOILER!) Vader son and Galactic hero Luke Skywalker.

The Fett flick would be set in between two of the three original films.

Fannish rumors swirl the net that Harrison Ford would reprise his role as Han Prime much as Leonard Nimoy reprised Spock in the Star Trek reboot.

Ford Solo would be recounting a hitherto unknown tale of his star-spanning roughish youth to his and Leia’s children, the rumor goes.

*In The original release of "Star Wars 1977", Han DID shoot first but then the flick was re-edited and transmogrified by never-satisfied Geo. Lucas in later re-issues infuriating generations of Hans Solo faithful.