One week after The ENQUIRER broke the news that Halle Berry forced her cheating husband Eric Benet into rehab for sex addiction, it looks like the clinic may be saving their marriage!

“Halle is starting to forgive Eric and right now says she won’t file for divorce like she threatened to do,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

In our July 23 issue, we revealed exclusively that after discovering a shocking series of infidelities, the actress contacted a divorce attorney and told her husband of 18 months his only hope of saving their marriage was to get treatment. Eric, 35, entered a posh rehabilitation clinic called “The Meadows” in Wickenburg, Ariz., in early June.

On June 30, Halle — still not sure whether her relationship with Eric could be saved — took a break from shooting “X-Men 2” in Vancouver and along with his daughter India visited him at the facility.

Revealed the close source: “Halle spent several days in therapy with him. Eric confessed that he’s had more than a dozen affairs in the last year. Halle was furious, but she didn’t leave.

“Then after a few days, the tide changed. By July 4, Eric and Halle started to patch things up.”

Halle, 35, told Eric that as long as he never cheats on her again, there’d be no divorce. And she agreed to go into couple’s therapy when she returns to L.A.

“They were seen later that day taking private walks arm in arm,” the close source said.

“Halle eventually left to resume working, and Eric leaves the rehab center soon to go back to L.A., where he plans to attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings. He’s feeling optimistic — by not filing for divorce, Halle’s given him hope he has a second chance.

“It looks like Eric’s sex addiction rehab may have saved his marriage.”