Good Riddance To TV’s Baddest Bachelor!

Good Riddance To TV’s Baddest Bachelor! thumbnail

HE may not be the Big Bad Wolf, but “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis is close!

As Season 18 of ABC’s dating blockbuster drew to a close, the bitter beauties rejected by the Latin hunk reunited with a farewell message: Good riddance!

“I think he’s by far the sleaziest ‘Bachelor’ that’s been on the show,” said Jef Holm, “Bachelor­ette” Emily Maynard’s pick in 2012.

“He basically just hooks up with the girls.”

At first, the 32-year-old single dad softened up female fans – and the contestants – by crying every time he said goodbye to a would-be bride.

But as the season went on, Juan Pablo went from hero to zero.

The former pro soccer player was dumped by two contestants, called an “a–hole” after a disastrous overnight date, and engaged in sexy romps with one girl while telling another he didn’t want to kiss in case his 5-year-old daughter was watching.

Juan Pablo was also forced to make a public apology after say­ing in an interview that he didn’t believe the show should feature a gay or bisexual person, describing them as “more pervert in a sense.”

In the “Women Tell All” special airing before the season finale, the spurned stunners ripped Juan Pablo to shreds!

“He was not who we thought  he was,” snapped one contestant.

“He used his daughter as an excuse,” complained another.

Even mild-mannered host Chris Harrison piled on Juan Pablo, saying: “The last three weeks were as difficult as we’ve ever had on this show.”

The bad feelings between the Venezuela-raised heartthrob and some of the ladies he courted continued off-screen.

Andi Dorfman, the Atlanta at­torney most likely to be the next Bachelorette, walked out after reaching the last three. That’s when she realized Juan Pablo hadn’t shown any interest in find­ing out more about her during their overnight “fantasy suite” date.

“The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare,” Andi said on the “Women Tell All” show.  

“I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like…I remember just kind of closing my eyes and waiting for it to be done.”

Andi, along with contestant Sharleen Joynt, also mocked his heavily accented, repeated use of the phrase, “It’s OK.” Andi posted on Twitter: “Good night all! I leave you with some words of wisdom… Always remember…Eeees okay.”