Ghostbusters Legend Harold Ramis Dead

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GHOSTBUSTERS actor AND director,former SCTV star HAROLD RAMIS gone at 69.

Ramis died from comlications of auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis, a disease he has battled for the last four years, The Hollywood Reporter said.

He died at home in Chiocago, surrounded by family and friends.

Among his many films Ramis co-wrote “National Lampoon’s Animal House” with Doug Kenney, wrote and directed “Stripes” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation".

He also directed comedy hits “Groundhog Day” "Caddyshack"and “Analyze This” .

Ramis got his start with the infamous SCTV comedy troupe as head writer on the seminal satirical series during the early 1970s – a spin-off from the famed Chicago improv group.

He had also been involved in trying to get the much talked-about "Ghostbusters 3" off the launchpad and onto the big screen.

THAT ain’t happening now.

Adios, Amigo.