On his deathbed, George Harrison finally made peace with long–estranged friend Paul McCartney.

And the publicity-hating rock legend known as “The Quiet Beatle” demanded his cancer death be shrouded in secrecy.

But for the first time, insiders have unraveled the mystery of how the devoted follower of Hare Krishna organized every detail of his final days.

“George was determined to ensure his death was as low–key as possible,” said an inside source.

“He decided not to return to his home in England. If he died there it would become a shrine for fans and a constant problem for his wife Olivia.

“And he didn’t want to die in a hospital because his body would trigger a frenzy as it left the hospital.

“He decided to spend his last days under an assumed name in an anonymous house in the Hollywood Hills surrounded by tight security.”

Harrison’s final sanctuary had been leased by Beatle Paul McCartney.

The two Beatles had fallen out years ago when the group broke up. But they reconciled in an emotional meeting just days before George’s death.

“Their differences were buried in tearful hugs. George told Paul, ‘None of it matters anymore,’ ” an insider revealed.

George also made peace with his estranged older sister Louise.

“The two fell out years ago when Louise converted her house into a bed-and-breakfast called ‘Hard Day’s Night,'” added another source.

“George thought she was cashing in on his name.”

Louise told a reporter that George admitted: “You know, I could’ve been a lot more help to you. I’m sorry.”

As Harrison’s life slipped away, he lay on a couch with his wife and son Dhani by his side.

“Two gurus chanted prayers over him — and George repeated ‘Hare Krishna’ with his dying breaths,” said the source.

“His religion holds that anyone who hears Krishna’s name at the precise moment of death will go directly to him — and George got his wish.”